Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He's Off....

From 2010-02-16_mike flies
I think I've spent a lifetime lagging behind at airports. ::snort:: There was a bit of drama when we arrived at the AMC terminal.

"Major G, is that you?"

We were congratulating ourselves for arriving 20 minutes early, only to find out they'd moved the time up 1 1/2 hours and the message hadn't reached Mike. LOL
From 2010-02-16_mike flies
Stacia was VERY preoccupied with making sure that Mike knew...." it's time for a last hug."
From 2010-02-16_mike flies
I do think it is good that Michael is coming home for a few days in March. I know it will be tough to say goodbye all over again, but it does two big things: 1. Let's me pretend this is not a long trip at all, and 2. Let's Stacia see that Dad leaves and Dad comes back before Mike's more extensive travels.

I have been tasked by Michael to keep a list of everything I think of that we've not done yet and he'll take care of it in March....and the list is growing.

Has Arielle been driven to chocolate at Mike's departure?
From 2010-02-16_mike flies
At MOPS a few months back, Melissa shared that they have a candy jar that starts full and goes down as the days near for Dad's return. I thought this sounded like much more fun than a paper chain. Of course, I think Melissa waits until near the end of the countdown....but we wanted to count the whole thing down....we figured a nice little chocolate after family circle would be a great way of bringing Dad into our family prayer....but um.....
From 2010-02-16_mike flies
THIS is enough for each of us to have a piece nightly until he returns in a month....to do 200 days...well....honestly....I'm going to either have to make the kids share chocolate, get smaller chocolate OR buy a 25 gal aquarium!

We are brainstorming about various ways to count time: weekly celebrations, various places we want to visit, and ways to surprise Mike in the upcoming months. We'd love to hear your ideas. Our Flat Daddy is at the base's media shop...they said it would take two weeks...humph! BUT they were very impressed with the size (20 x 27) and the quality of the photo. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

Well, you could try Hershey's kisses. They look smaller than what you have in the jar. But you might have to go to M&M's. :) It's a fun idea either way.

Linda said...

traveling mercies for Mike...and prayers for your entire family (Japan and US) that this time away from each other will pass relatively quietly, smoothly, but most of all, QUICKLY.

Julie Orrin said...

DeEtta, thanks for the great idea! I think I will do this with Micah so that he can count the days while Timothy is at his deployment training. He will be gone 6 weeks, then come home for 2 weeks before leaving for Afghanistan. Shoot...maybe I will get in on the chocolate, too!!

Julie Zesch said...

Praying here, De'Etta. For time to pass very quickly for all of you. By the way, if you need a nanny again, let us know.

Romany said...

Praying for Mike's safety, that he encourages many and brings some to Jesus while he's away. And praying for you and your family too.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for the prayers and comments. I began blogging daily during Mike's last deployment...he was the first to grasp the importance of the blog as a family journal.....now I think it's my "adult voice". ::snort::

M/M's or something similar may well be in our future. LOL

Julie - That jar has enough for 4 weeks - 6 people....so would probably work well for your family as they wait for Timothy to return.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Julie - I'll remember your family if we need a nanny again. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sis: All of the above....

Stacia looks so sweet as she is hugging Mike.

Hey, maybe Dad/I need to make a chocolate barrel to count down the days until your family returns from Japan. :):) Only problem is I can never eat just one of any chocolate......... you know if it is here one must eat it ALL in one day. :)::):)

All kidding aside. We do pray for you all. Often we just pray fow whatever it is that God knows each of you individually need at any particular moment. For sure, we are praying you all, especially Mike that he will be safe, that the time will pass fast, that Mike will be heavily anointed, that you will be heavily anointed in your ministry too and that Mike and you will be a blessing to everyone you come in contact with.

Love/prayers -- Dad/Mom T.

Cynthia said...

I'm thinking the M&Ms are a good idea. Either that or those fun size candy bars which all could share one piece each night or something?

We have this thing we always do that the girls have remembered for ever and that is we rub in our kisses.. and each night when one of us isn't there all they have to do is reach up and rub their forehead or cheek in the spot where they had their kiss to rub it in some more...

Cynthia said...

and you probably already know this one, but just incase I'll mention it.... When I go somewhere I leave one of my teeshirts for each of the kids under their pillow... then they have something that smells like me! For some reason they really like that as well.