Friday, May 14, 2010

WOOT - iPod speakers!

Thursday was the last MOPS of the year. The last Bible Study at my home. We finished a couple of books in school.

I received a call while at MOPS that Zander was puking. He's amused us with wisdom such as, "If you feel like you're going to throw up and cough real hard, it will divert the energy of the throw up." I'm not sure this is a GOOD thing, given his current "activity". LOL

Stacia's eye looks fine today and she's up and bubbly.

I've been uber diligent in my war against germs. I do not want sick kids when I'm at retreat....neither do I want to be sick while I'm trying to speak....and I fly to Korea and Tokyo soon after the retreat.

Jared and I tried a new Indian restaurant today. Thanks for the suggestion, Mary. I really liked it. I could not finish my soup. The flavor was excellent but the HEAT made my eyes water, my sinus' clear, my lips, mouth, throat and tongue burn. I even poured water in to dilute the pepper. The curry was wonderful and they Nan is the 1/2 that was left when I thought to take the photo.

Jared and I went over and tried out a new-to-us Elliptical. It's a Reebok 1000x. Not our dream ARC machine...BUT it will work for a few was cheaper than ordering a new one and having it shipped, and I didn't have to wait 4 months. Thanks, for the tip, Susi.  It was HILARIOUS to watch this be loaded into the van....the seats don't come out.

Getting it OUT of the van was much easier. Rodney came over and helped, but he doesn't appear to like photos of himself to be taken.  Picture him behind the beam by the arm things...

I'm out of shape - but it's been nearly a YEAR....can you imagine? It was this time last year that we moved into the trailer and Jamin was graduating. Then the travels, the unexpected delay in the NW and the trip to Japan sans Michael....the months in the TLF and finally a house....but the winter is NOT my friend and I can't drive those roads that early in the a.m. It's been a year since I gave up my well-earned "gym rat" title....and my body shows it....but by this time next year.....

We discovered......the ipod works on THIS...we'd been told it didn' figure I bought speakers for my ipod...

Doesn't fit the decor - but oh well. I am NOT going to work out in the garage when it is below 0.....this is a thing of beauty.

On with family night.

Choosing Joy!
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Michael said...

The elliptical looks great. It is the kind that the high settings are absolutely killer.

Love you

Renee said...

my military quarters rarely had decor; they were practical. We had a recumbent bike in our LR the first time we lived in AL

Anonymous said...

glad you got your machine. :):) just think of all the fun to be had. :):):) fun! did I say! oh well! Dad/I got a simple thing where you work your own hands and feet and etc..... it only cost us $10 and has no scratches on it even yet..... garage sale......... we have it in the bedroom and so......... we like it and hopefully it will help us.... l/p Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, it is Michael. Rodney came to help Jared get it out of the van. He said it was a good deal too. I paid less than 50% and it seems to be really good. And yes, those upper resistance and incline levels ARE killers. LOL

Renee - yeah. I try to get away from it...but in military quarters or small homes there really isnt much to do. We were working out in the garage - but I figured when I could see my breath that it was FAR too cold. LOL

It WAS fun to work out this a.m. - muscle memory being what it is...took me right back to the gym in San Angelo. LOL

Anonymous said...

Zander is so wise in his youth; )

looks like fun mom...the new workout equipment that is...

Bre G