Friday, September 17, 2010

Anastacia's Adventure

We planned a trip to Towada Horse Park with a couple of friends and their kids...but we woke to lots of rain. 

After the gym, I started emailing and calling to see if we had a plan B. Plan B turned out to be our family going over to Mary's home. We enjoyed lunch. The kids played games. Mary and I had time to catch up after the summer travel season. 

We headed to the commissary....where I took a series of stunning photos. 

We headed for the farmer's market and bought veggies and bananas fresh from the tree. I also got some gourd/squash looking thing because the sweet farmer was there in person and I couldn't say no. I picked out the smallest, but she was sure I needed the biggest. I'm not quite sure how to cook it - maybe it will make a nice fall decoration. ::snort:: 

We ended the week with pizzas and  Sense and Sensibility (everyone liked Pride and Prejudice better). 

During the movie, I used the series of above photos to create an aisle by aisle grocery list. I had one of these for years and lost it in a computer crash. I've been meaning to create a new to get some extras in the freezer. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

what a great idea - an aisle by aisle grocery list! That would work wonders for me, especially since the commissary just re-did all their aisles. of course, they DID provide a list, but I forgot to grab it.

Because I live far from post, I generally shop at local supermarkets (believe me, the deals are sometimes much better than the commissary!), so I'd need to do this with at least 4 grocery stores...seems a bit impractical when you look at it that way...