Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quake Map - part 2

The Japan Quake Map I shared is really interesting to watch (at least to us). It's time lapse and so is slow at the first and then BAMMO the big one, followed by all the others at a rapid pace. Here's a screen shot of the completed map - we're up to 652 quakes since March 11th.  Observant readers will note that means there has been 31 quakes since last night - it's early afternoon here now. 

It's incredible to watch the visual and get a sense of  what it is like over here. Watch it, and then pray for Japan. We are East of Morioka...on the coast. 

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Jennifer said...

I lived in San Fran as a child, and have experienced several earthquakes, although nothing like what you've been living through. I can only imagine what it must be like experiencing multiple earthquakes every day. O.O

berrypatch said...

I did just that. I started watching it & after the "big one" hit and all the others started, I called over my hubby & oldest son to show them. Amazing. Praying hard for all of you still there and working on the recovery.