Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Update

Have you ever wondered, "What would church be like without the trappings?" Sweet. Chapel continued, though we had no lights, sound system, multi media....folks were forced to move in close so they could hear, we sang familiar songs and God met us.

I've been meditating on Ps 46 all week - as I know many of us have. Ch. Beyea had a wonderful message from this psalm - really summarized the points well - so very encouraging. God is our Refuge so don't fear; God is our Warrior so trust Him; God is our King so bend a knee. Awesome message.

It was fun to note the French Relief Team at mass.

Michael is currently working 2 - 10 p.m. Jared and Arielle went with him again to help out with children of families who are choosing to depart. I feel for those waiting in the long lines...but honestly I feel more for those working the long lines. Those leaving are choosing to leave and the system is working as fast as it can (always room for improvement). Most are patient, realizing they will be taken care of and all are working hard. Those volunteers and Active Duty members manning the processing center, however, are doing this day after the midst of having worked very long hours before the quake and since the the midst of all else going on....and they've now moved to 24 hour shifts. Praying planes are soon here, energy continues, graciousness for all continues. If you are processing, please consider a grateful, "Thank You," to those who are staying and are working so hard to  pave the way for your departure. They are heroes as much as the relief teams flying in from around the world. I think this has turned into a huge practice of the contingency plan to see what needs to change in case there ever IS an evacuation...obviously some glitches...but all working hard to keep it moving.

The youngers and I did our part by shopping for candy to "fill the pig" at the chapel table in the processing center.
I know it's not much, but they were greeted as heroes when they brought in the supplies....and that was sweet for them to feel they were doing something to help. It's hard for me to find things THEY can do and things I can do with them along...because my first ministry, even during this time, is the children.

I'm in contact with relief organizations in Japan, looking for ways to funnel PWOC offers of help and a way for PWOC Asia Region to help out too.

Choosing Joy!
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berrypatch said...

Still praying for the safety of all and the continued efforts at cleaning up. What a huge task.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks, Lisa. Yes, the rebuilding will go one for quite some time.