Monday, May 02, 2011

Travel Adventures

Renee met me at the base's passenger terminal. We dropped off the van so it will be there when we fly back Space A - how's that for faith? Renee drove me over to the Misawa airport to fly out. 

My 9:55 a.m. plane was cancelled. 

They were telling folks to take the shinkansen...but we have to have permission from the wing commander to take the shinkansen as it goes through the hot/warm zone.  Rick or Renee made the call while I tried to take care of bags and were told I could go and could pick up a PI tablet. That is not good for someone with thyroid disease...

They booked me for 12:30 - I doubted I would make my 3:30 plane...but maybe. We went to Renee's and she researched flights and hotels....I called family to let them know our plans were changing.  I also called Delta and was told they'd let me fly tomorrow at the same time but I'd have to pay the difference between my ticket and the price for this ticket - $2200.00. Can you BELIEVE IT?  I decided to show up at the desk and see if I received better answers.

The 12:30 flight didn't leave until 2:30 p.m. TURBULENCE....whew.

Delta in Tokyo told me I should go to Bejing. She had said this online too. They were serious. They wanted me to fly, WITHOUT A VISA, to China and stay there 18 hours then fly back to Tokyo and out to Portland. Why? So they didn't have to pay for a hotel for me.  China is another spot I have to have permission from the base commander to travel to.....and I didn't WANT to go that way and sit for 18 hours. Finally, they realized I wasn't going to Honolulu or Bejing....they booked me on the same flights for tomorrow....and agreed that I did not have to pay any extra. I paid for a hotel.

Meanwhile I hear that Americans have to be careful traveling with the current here I am again. Hoping to make it out of here before the Sate Dept decides we shouldn't travel.  Traveling used to be so easy. LOL

Going to try to sleep.

Choosing Joy!
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Deja said...

Oh, De' were one of the first folks I thought of when I woke this morning and read the news...I prayed right away that it wouldn't prevent you from joining your family! Keep us 'facebook outcasts' posted ::snort::

Janette said...

Safe travels!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Facebook outcasts - ::snort:: Thanks for the prayers Deja and Janette.