Thursday, July 07, 2011

Adventures on the 4th of July

We have been fascinated by the story of the Mayor Kotaku Wamura of Fudai. We went exploring down the coast on the 4th of July. We had a few purposes...we wanted to visit Fudai, help Bre see the results of a tsunami, explore the area's campgrounds, and visit the Kuji Amber museum.

We discovered the campgrounds in this part of our area will not be opened this year. DUH. We should have known that, we weren't thinking. Many of the towns up and down the coast are devastated. It was a joy to see Fudai and I'll write more about that later.  We had too many adventures to make it back to Kuji in time to visit the Amber Museum.

We did find some great spots.

Kitayamazaki Promontory is spectacular - there are 3 or 4 trails to observation decks

And a nice spot for a picnic lunch. It is obvious this National Park is usually a bustling tourist attraction with stores and restaurants etc. Not so this year.  It's a great spot to explore. I'll post directions when I get the geo-coordinates out of the Garmin. 

I simply hoped THIS attraction would stay in the grass if we obeyed the signs and stayed on the path.

We drove on over to Kurosake Cape too. 

40th parallel

We got home in time to run out to the base to watch the fireworks...but they'd been cancelled again. We didn't have time to check FB - and were on the NORTH OGAWARAKO - in others words in Tohoku City and didn't KNOW the fireworks were cancelled....Michael, Stacia, Nolan and myself enjoyed a peaceful dock at night.....while we waited.

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