Thursday, July 07, 2011

Krista's Update

It had been well over a week since we'd heard anything from include her blog, email, FB, Skype....and we were all ready to hear. 

As we sat around playing games yesterday afternoon Skype went off....and there she was! BLOND and TAN...very much healthy and well. 

This was the first time we'd been able to talk about her lifestyle, the things she is doing and witnessing and whether this may be a lifestyle she embraces permanently. It was good to talk and process with her.  She has an opportunity to extend her time in country. She's praying that through. I told her she could come HERE and do the same thing and we'd be sure she had all the time she wanted interacting with host nationals. ::snort:: 

She's been busy with camps....there will be two more upcoming camps and then a week of possible travel around Europe and then she'll be flying back to OR.  I snagged some photos from Facebook. Pray Krista finds her camera. 

Krista is basing her adventures here at Paul's Place in Antalya, Turkey. 

Shots from Olive Grove - a camp for TCKs.  (Third Culture Kids) Krista, of course, being a TCK and the daughter of a TCK, relates well with this group. 

One of her jobs was to spend 4 hours a day teaching kids to snorkel and kayak....she's the blond.

Tressa (2nd from left) is Krista's (3rd from left) roommate

We had so hoped we could bring Krista to Japan for a few weeks to hear all her stories first hand....but she needs to get back to OR, find an apartment and job and start saving for the next phase of her life. 

Choosing Joy!
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