Sunday, July 03, 2011

Directions to Hirosaki Castle

These coordinates are to the parking lot we park in....walking to the castle park will take you directly in front of the best Senbei Shop in Aomori Prefecture.  N40*  36.728    E140* 28.102

  • Get on Route 8
  • Proceed to Michinoku Toll Road  (Y830)
  • Proceed to Route 123 and turn LEFT at the sign that says AOMORI HIGASHI IC
  • Get on the toll road (AomoriExpressway - TohokuExpressway). 
  • Get off at  KUROISHI IC (Y1,200) and take Rte 102 toward Hirosaki City.  You will corss a bridge over railroad tracks and follow sings to Hirosaki Park (Castle)....
  • At this point we saw the park and drove around until we found the lot at the coordinates above. (approx Y200 an hour).
You can do this without tolls...but this took us just under 2 hours and was easy. We've not done it the other way yet. LOL 

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