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Directions to Lake Towada (Yasumiya)

Geo Coordinates to the parking lot area where the Towada Snow Festival is held...general parking area. 
N 40* 25.747  E 140* 53.678

Yasumiya is the community which sits right on the shores of Lake Towada. There are many festivals here, ferry boat rides, bikes to rent, paths to hike....and the drive the Oiriase Gorge is PRICESLESS. This is a must do trip in all seasons.  The following directions have got women to a retreat in Yasumiya without a single lost traveler.

  • Take Route 10 to Towada, train tracks will be on your left
  • Where the road forks, veer towards the Mazda sign.  Homac/Hard Off is on your right
  • Turn left at the light and go over the bridge
  • Pass Tori gate on right.  
  • Turn right at 3rd light.  You’ll see a blue sign that says Route 102 to Towada Lake.

 *Oirase Roman Park is a great place to take a restroom break.  It is about half-way to our destination.

  • Continue on Route 102 until you get to a blinking light with a Shell gas station on right.  Turn left. 
  • Route 102 will come to a T intersection with a sign for the Bronze Statue of Maidens and Lake Towada straight ahead.  
  • Turn left at this light.  You will continue on this road around the lake and go through a tunnel.
  • You will eventually come to a Y intersection in which you will veer right and pass the Towadaso Hotel on your right. 
  • Continue on to the next Y intersection in which you will veer left. 
  • Continue straight to a T-intersection and turn R at the JR House (on your right).  
  • From here - drive to the spot of town where you want to park. 

Map to Lake Towada can be printed here

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