Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tastes Like Chicken

Stick with me and the title will EVENTUALLY make sense. 

I finally accepted the snow was not going to go away and that I would simply have to buck up and drive in it. NO ONE would drive WITH me - except Stacia. We wanted to get some groceries, some comfort food.....roast, chili, chicken pot pie fixins...... 

We braved the roads and got all the way to the gate when I realized I had left the wallet (with my id and CAMERA) at home. This happens from time to time when 40 something or others  alternate between online and local shopping. ::grin::  I was NOT going to take 30 min to get back home and then 30 min to get back to base (Yes, I DO drive like a granny in the winter and THAT is why I have had two accidents over here with minimal damage!). We went to Universe and Homac with our list. 

We decided to have Gyudon, Yakisoba and Ramen instead. ::snort:: We didn't find everything we needed (Michael and Jared did a quick run for us on their way home).  The funny thing about shopping on the economy is that I'm never 100% sure what I have.....tonight I had mystery meat in the yakisoba.....not sure what it was but it "tastes like chicken" and that works for us. LOL 

After amusing myself brainstorming most the morning, I had hoped to collect all these ingredients to make nifty little hot chocolate mixes for friends. Can't find Cayenne Pepper anywhere - off or on base..... I DID find little jars...but no card stock or sticker paper to make labels. I may have to use the mod podge stuff.....can't be TOO HARD! What could go wrong?  I thought of making vanilla or peppermint liqueur....but realized I don't have the time...which had me picturing the chaplains' wife passing out bottles of vodka and beans/candy canes. 

I have come up with a way to make "American Rice Balls" for our Japanese friends. I'll let you know if it works. I'm thinking Rice Krispy treat in a ball. ::snort:: 

In other words the day was fairly relaxed....the kids played, we planned and that's about it. 

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

love the idea of Rice Krispie treats.... what a neat gift idea for your Japanese neighbors

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

We shall see how it turns out...and I need to make a note....don't trust that google translate so much since it translated rice cooker as Condaliza Rice. Snort