Monday, March 26, 2012

Yuuki Goes Visiting

How many Gherkin's does it take to bathe Yuuki?
So many epic fails in this story...

I was distracted when Zander and Stacia asked if they could take Yuuki for a walk. I told them I didn't want to go right then...they took that to mean they could go alone. Fail on their part; fail on my part. 

As I said, I've been distracted, and didn't REALIZE they weren't at the table doing table school. Fail on my part.

They went way past our "block boundary" and went down by the ponies and ponds. Fail on their part. 

Stacia came running in screaming, crying, nose running...I finally deciphered  Yuuki was fighting with a Shiba, by the ponies, and Zander needed me to come quick. I did. It's cold when you run outside without proper winter apparel. 

Sure enough their leashes were tangled, they were barking and yipping and they were in the Japanese Veterinarian's yard.  He heard and came out (I'm not sure WHAT took him so long, it was at least 5 min for Stacia to run home, get me, and for me to get back).  I was saying over and over "Gomen nasai, gomen nasai" and trying to hold the dogs. He helped. He said "Dai jo bu" - it's o.k. I thanked him, apologized some more and left with our two young hooligans and sheepish dog. 

Zander was crying, I was lecturing...not yelling...and our friend popped around the door and said, "ee, ee, ee" and made crying motions. I suspect he was saying it's all good...but I haven't a real clue.  

I'm mortified the kids took Yuuki into his yard....then fought his dog. Mortified. They wanted the dogs to be friends and tried to introduce them. We had a long talk about dogs, about territorial instincts, about the fact that you don't walk into someone else's yard...and you don't leave the block without one of us with you.....Stacia suggested we bake cookies for them.  I'm at a loss. Hoping we didn't lose the ground and witness we've tried to build for over 2 years.....and wondering how to teach  common sense strategies which evidently are not common sense to our two youngest. 

We decided Yuuki needed a bath after this.....we were worried about fleas and other bugs Arielle thought she saw. 
Tell me again WHY we're doing this?
Yuukie shows us how to dry a dog

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

I think a plate of cookies with a note in Japanese (I know you have your tutor that can help) that explains the children wanted their dog to have a friend.... and how sorry they are would suffice...
if he's a vet, he understands that kids are young and make mistakes

timsarmywifey said...

She doesn't look to worse for wear so not a true fight? .... Grace for yourself De'etta! :) I agree with Renee

Anonymous said...

Oh my! What an "adventure!" I would think cookies and explaination would work....
Bre g

Anonymous said...

Sis: poor kids and puppy. Poor mama. BUT for sure some cookies would do the trick and they might even enjoy hearing just how this all happened. etc. Asians are gracious and especially when it comes to children. love/prayers - Mom t.

Cynthia said...

OH DEAR! Hope the cookies help :)