Monday, March 26, 2012

Predators and Prey

I'm not sure HOW but we made great progress on school much that we took time to play a Predator/Prey game.  We were discussing what senses animals would use to either find or avoid each other if they couldn't see in the jungle.  What other senses could they use to find their prey or escape a predator. It was a fun learning activity...
Stacia is the predator

Guess she'd rather capture the elliptical than the prey

Near miss

Zander found his prey as she was saying, "I'm scared"

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis/Kids: wow! looks like a lot of fun. Now, why didn't my teachers years ago let us play games like these in class. :)):) our classes were all about sitting and doing as told which was always pencil work,,,,,,,,,,, glad you are having fun. love/prayers - 2G's T.

PWOC Japan said...

It is fun! We got ahead as we planned to take off couch school while I now that I'm not traveling we have extra time to do the fun activities. LOL

PWOC Japan said...

Oops - PWOC Japan is De'Etta.