Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Wonder: Dreams

         Another from BreAnne!  This one sticks with me as we prepare for the next season of our life. 

            As I looked over the wing of the airplane I was aboard, I couldn't help but wonder what the Wright brothers would think if they could see our modern air crafts. Their impossible dream evolved into something much bigger than themselves so much so that it continues to evolve even to this day. People must have thought them crazy to dare to dream such a dream. Not only did they dream it, they pursued it. I wonder how many people who genuinely cared about them pulled them aside to urge them to not try to make that contraption of theirs fly with them in it. I wonder how many people scoffed. I wonder how much their dream must have consumed their thoughts every day. I wonder how many disappointing set-backs they had to face before they realized their dream. I wonder if they even had any clue how big of a dream they were dreaming.

            A dream is such a powerful thing. For a dream we will set goals. For a dream we will do the hard stuff to see those goals accomplished. For a dream we will endure scoffing, ridicule, and even persecution. For a dream we will stay up working all hours of the night. For a dream we will rise with the morning light. For a dream we will deny ourselves pleasures and comforts. For a big dream we will deny other lesser dreams. Dreams are beautiful things. However, if we don't have the conviction to back up those dreams; we will never see those dreams brought into reality. A dream remains forever merely a dream if we are not willing to make the sacrifices required by such a dream. I wonder how many young men, or even women, before the Wrights dreamed of flying machines. I wonder how many tried to make it happen. I wonder how many even invested great amounts of money, time, and energy. What was the difference? Why didn't they see their dreams fulfilled. I am sure many people would say that the reason must be that they didn't have anyone to believe in them or they never got their lucky break. That could be the case. But how often are those the excuses of our generation? Quite often I feel. It seems like we know how to dream, but we also know how to make excuses for when we fail or don't even try to pursue our dreams. We seem to lack the conviction and perseverance required of a big dream. Most of us will not do the hard things to make our dreams succeed and our dreams will die with us. However, there are some of us who will push and push and push and dream and push and dream some more and work hard and push until we see our dreams come into fruition. There are sadly only some of these kinds of people in every generation. Here's another thought, not every one of these people have dreams that are for the good of their fellow men. Some evil men have the conviction and perseverance to make their dreams reality. Part of how they succeed and are able to continue in succeeding is that good men don't dream.

            I wonder what kind of a woman I am. Am I one of the "some" in this generation? Or maybe I am merely one of the "almost some," one who will make an attempt at my dreams but not see it through to the end. Do I have what it takes to be one of the "some?"

            I wonder if my dreams are big enough to be God-sized dreams. God gives God-sized dreams to those of us who have hearts that are fully yielded to His, hearts that have the courage to do the hard things and the humility to give Him the credit. God loves it when we dream God-sized, God-directed, God-empowered dreams. God loves it when we will grab hold of His God-sized hand and hang on tight while we obediently follow Him in pursuing a God-sized dream. Such a dream is not about ourselves, our strengths or weaknesses, our pasts or presents. Such a dream is about God's will and God's ability to make a way. I wonder what kind of dreams I have been dreaming.

            I wonder.

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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