Saturday, May 26, 2012

Farming in Northern Japan

I've been wanting to get some photos of the farming around us. Since Michael has lifted the ban on the good camera (bit of a joke there - he didn't like the way I kept hitting it on the side of slides...but I really LIKED the point and click he got for my pocket)....anyway I took the Nikon DSLR and went out for a walk....and I may need to buy another DSLR...a bit lighter than the one we have....but still able to use real Nikon lenses....maybe with a video option - does Nikon do that in their DSLR series?  Oh yeah - FARMING. 

When they plant, they cover the rows with giant plastic. 

As the seedlings grow, the cut little slits for them to grow...and cover them with these "bubbles" - domes of plastic.  In a bit the make holes in them so the water can get in and some humidity out....

Today, in a field near us, the farmer was removing the bubbles - a sure sign summer is here for REAL. 

I'm amazed at how hard farmers work - and they're not spring chickens. To the right of the lady you see a flooded rice paddy....the subject of the next blog post. 

I want to go around town and snap photos showing the way they use EVERY spare bit of land to plant crops. It's really amazing. 

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Beth said...

Thanks for sharing this. We love seeing what they do. It is amazing how they use every inch. We need to do that more. We have 2 BIG gardens and want to plant a lot this year. Right now we have 4 inches of snow on the ground :)- I think we will wait for a couple more weeks.