Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Project!

Stacia and I came home from Asia's birthday party to find....this out in the back. It has been in the garage...this could only mean one thing. We were NOT going to the beach or the park this sunny afternoon - we were conquering the garage. 

We have a lot of need for storage and a single car garage. We haven't wanted to purchase shelves - but I think we will shortly. Michael is organized and I know this garage bothered him.....I'm not so organized and yet I was plagued with the idea, when he was so ill, that they'd send us out and someone else would have to pack that nightmare. It was time. LOL 

We all worked. We found a mouse. ACCCCKK! Michael and Jared went to work. We continued to work, mostly throwing things away (the kids REALLY are beyond most of these toys and honestly who NEEDS 3 garbage bags of Burger King toys...not even poor, emotionally deprived Third Culture kids ::snort::).

Look at it.....I think the bowflex will leave with Jared and we can put shelves on that wall - which will let us organize all the other stuff along the right wall. See the tall black/plastic thing? It has games in it. The two white stacks next to it used to be as tall as that one - and we threw that many toys away.  I plan to tell Stacia the next time she and her neighborhood friend Maggie bring mud cakes and leave them in my garage....well....the kitchen set would make for a nice bonfire on the beach. ::snort::: OK - maybe I won't....maybe I will. 

Michael found a net and we took a clue from our Japanese neighbors to keep the crows out.....and usually we only have the two cans on the left. Busy day...hope they'll take it away.  Maybe Jared will rethink my offer to make a room in the garage and stay. ::snort:: 

Trying to leave our mark on Japan - we planted a nectarine tree.....we dream. 

Choosing Joy!
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Unknown said...

Hope your Nectarine tree produces much fruit in the future! Great job organizing the garage, I soooo need to do that.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It's a relief. LOL