Saturday, May 12, 2012

Girls' Homecoming

Eleven p.m. found us in Hachinohe awaiting the arrival of the "girls." Over 24 hours and they made it home. 

There just aren't words. We're thrilled to have them home for a couple of weeks. Originally, the plan was to have all four of the older children come out for Jared's graduation. Jared decided not to have a ceremony, the boys have new jobs and timing didn't work...but the gals came out anyway and we plan to enjoy....and show them Japan at a time when it isn't under 3 feet of snow. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

PTL! how do you like their small carry-on's. :):) enjoy! l/p mom t.

Kristine said...

What a blessing for the girls to be able to come home!!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Where's the like button on comments? LOL Yep, we're going to enjoy the time together.