Saturday, May 12, 2012

True Love....

Today was the 2nd annual Cross Training (PYOC)  True Love Waits Banquet and Ceremony.  I had a bit of a laugh at the various ways this was seen advertised on base.....

True Love....Awaits  

True Love...WAIT. 

We were glad BreAnne and Krista are here to share this day with us. The  house was full of activity as everyone prepared. 

Doing what they love most - dressing the baby


We headed to base where we dropped the girls and Zander and Stacia off at Weasel's Den. The rest of us went to the banquet. 

Tiaras were given to the girls to remember they are Daughters of the King

Mackenzie is one of our neighbors and goes to PYOC with us

Cody, Jared and Matt (Kazuki)



We picked up "the four" and headed to the chapel for the ceremony.

Kazuki & Michiko

I'm sure there will be more photos of the ceremony itself....but I'll go ahead and post these now. 

We've done this two ways the context of family and with a big, public ceremony in a group of peers. The verdict is out on which our family personally prefers....I think both ways have some positives. The commitment is absolute and THAT remains the same. ::snort::  It was a beautiful day. I did miss the more personal exhortations of a family ceremony....but those will happen in other venues. LOL 

Come to think of it - the older four never "did" True Love Waits....we stress and train the goal of emotional, physical and mental purity from the time our kids are about 18 months. We begin with reading books such as Princess and the Kiss and the Squire and the Scroll....with the older ones this led to a personal commitment, which we commemorated with dinner and symbols. Our younger ones grow up in a family culture that openly trains, embraces and mentors this commitment and talks about letting God write our love stories.  For our family, this is a step on the life-long journey for all of us to live lives of purity.

It was very special for us that the older girls and Zander and Stacia were able to join us for the ceremony at the chapel.

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

Geocker's (Mike/DeEtta) WOW! what a special day with your young men and young lady making this commitment. Beautiful! Warms our hearts even from this far away. What a handsome and beautiful Geocker family.

Also what an awesome group of young people your kids got to share this with.

PTL for all of them and we will include all of them from time to time as we remember to do so.

love you all and right now we are hugging you all. love/prayers dad/mom t.

Kristine said...

Beautiful!! And great photos of the kids. I especially like the one of them praying; those always get me. :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks - it was a great time.