Saturday, July 07, 2012


First - the frustration. We've spent UNTOLD hours dealing with cardiac drama while home for a FUNERAL. The doc's comments have ranged from, "Not a problem, the local center gets these wrong all the time," to "you need to be seen before you return to Japan."  SHE must initiate the process with a referral. Typically, she puts in a referral, the local tricare office selects a doc and there you go. Evidently, they cannot google for stateside cardiologists - so we did. ..all on PERSONAL LEAVE TIME as she has deemed Michael will not need further treatment....o.k. we were working with it. We found a doc. They had an appt for Michael on Monday - we'd fly the next day....but when we went to make the appointment the referral we were told had been submitted is not in the system. The soonest appointment is now next Friday and without a referral there are no guarantees he'll get the appointment. 

(July 7th a.m.) OK caught in mid-rant and I'll delete the rest....seems a saint of a COL called all together in one room to talk this out. They ARE amending Michael's orders and he will stay in the states until he can have an appointment. Because COMMON MEDICAL SENSE says you do NOT look at results from a cardiologist and respond, "They get it wrong, I'm sure he doesn't need treatment!"  I pray they DID get it wrong....but good grief....The kids and I are supposed to fly back as planned. We are checking to see if we can change our tickets and fly back with him when he cleared to do so.  Please pray that the kids and I can amend our flight plans. Common sense says he'll not have a procedure done but I'm going to be really upset if we touch down and here two days later he's having a surgery and I need to figure out how to get us all back to the states. LOL 

Long travel day but a great end to it....good friends, good food, good visits...and a big "campfire with smores" in the backyard. How we miss our friends. Being with Ryu and Kim makes Japan feel closer!

Kim, Beth and I

Jordan, Michael, Don and Ryu

Jun and Stacia

Bre, Arielle, Sara, Jon and Krista

GIANT pizzas!

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you last night and praying someone would come through to make things happen. It can be ridiculously hard to get things moving in a government system, especially during a holiday week. Here's hoping you and the kids can now get your tickets changed so you can all relax and enjoy some time together.

Renee said...

a step in the right direction... continued prayers

Unknown said...

Great to see you with Beth and Kim & families! FUN! I'm sure Stacia and Junnie had a great time together!
Praying for the details.
God is all about working them out!

Anonymous said...

Sis: So glad you all got to spent time with friends last night. Everyone looks so good. Glad we got to meet Sarah (as an adult) last week. PTL for answered prayer on Mike's behalf. PRAYING now for flight changes for you and the kids. Please Lord! Love you all so much and praying for you all a lot. mom t.