Saturday, July 07, 2012

Back in OR

Everyone is exhausted after day 3 of travel - Michael more than the rest of us I'm sure - but I'm drained too.  It can be awfully tiring sitting and watching scenery wiz past. ::snort:: 

Not my favorite retirement option

Ah, Oregon....

This was a great place to stop when Stacia got car sick

We arrived, got the girls settled back at their apartment, met my folks for dinner and are now back at the hotel. We look forward to sleeping in tomorrow and not hitting the road at 0630. 

Another highlight of the day was talking to Mom G. We didn't see her much in CO but she is having a great time in Denver.  It was great to hear the lilt in her voice as she talked about art fairs, lake concerts and going south to visit with Earl Jr and Mary.  She'll fly back home on Monday evening. 

As we don't know how long we may be footing hotel bills, I didn't book us into our regular hotel here in Springfield. I LOVE the people at that here we are....much cheaper....but much older, right by the highway, outdoor pool, no fitness center or hot tub....and internet that only works sitting at the business center and not in the rest of the hotel.  I'm going to look into choice points we've earned on the rest of the trip if we don't end up leaving....because this girl NEEDS a fitness center and a comfy bed....with fluffy pillows.... ::snort:: The good points are price, we're near the hospital, the police are right outside our door and we have a clear shot to the road which leads to my parents. LOL 

Sorry, I'm so whiny tonight. I've been traveling since June 10th and I'm plain ole tired.....I'm sure I'll think life is grand in the a.m. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

Sis: It's pretty neat that any hotel in that area is easy to get to the hospital and our place. Sorry for the medical problems but glad to have you around a bit. love/prayers. Mom t.

Renee said...

traveling and living in hotels gets tiresome esp when you don't know when it will end.
We've done a few PCSs where we lived in hotels for 30 days - not fun

Anonymous said...

I think occasional whining is fine--it's just an acknowledgment that sometimes life isn't the way we want it to be. We get up and face it anyway, and that's what matters. Besides, I've notice you have a great talent for finding whatever silver lining there is in your circumstances!