Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kale Chips

I have heard about Kale chips repeatedly...armed with a bunch of Kale....I gave it a shot. I found a really easy and healthy recipe here and another one here. It seemed, if one were to have a snack attack it would be a healthy way to indulge. I didn't want all the calories from the second recipe...seemed to complicate something easy....but maybe next time I'll try that way. This was nearly calorie free, full of plant protein et al.  I must become friends with Kale as it is the number one nutrient dense/calorie food. Remember? Health = Nutrient dense/calorie

I read the comments, read the ingredients and gave it a shot. 

DON'T eat Kale stems. ::snort:: Wash, de-stem,  and tear into pieces (they shrink). 

I then spritzed with olive oil, I didn't care for the way the seasoning fell off the ones that weren't spritzed. 

I sprinkled with Old Bay, Garlic Powder and later with Nutritional Yeast (Full day's worth of B12 - one of those nutrients missing from a vegan only lifestyle- tastes great).

I did some in the microwave for about 7 min.  I did others at 350* for 9 - 11 min. I liked the oven baked chips better.

I tried them straight from the oven - I think it may be an acquired taste...Michael came in and asked if I were going  "eat that or smoke it?"

I added Salsa - and liked it better 

 I liked them best sprinkled with Lays Baked Southwestern chips (25% fat!).... 
No, I did not really leave all the chips. ::snort:: 

Michael discovered they were best if you crinkled them up and added them to the salsa....then ate them with a chip. MEN. It is a lentil chip (30% fat). 

Why would I eat this? Kale is new to me and I want to try a variety of ways of eating it as it IS the most nutrient dense food known to date.  I did eat the equivalent of a whole bunch of Kale - but that is o.k. I do eat an alarming amount of nutrient dense food.

NOW - I'd love it if you'd share your favorite Kale recipes. I have a bunch left.

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Laura J. said...

When I make kale chips I have found the key is to tear up the leaves small, like bite size pieces. It makes them super crunchy. I put them on my baking sheet with a good bit of olive oil, sprinke with sea salt, garlic and pepper. I let them cook until they are almost brown at 375 degrees. Sometimes I sprinke with a bit of cheese, obviously you wouldn't do this, but there are good vegan cheeses on the market you could try. Anyway they are super, super yummy!

whatexackley said...

I love making kale chips! I just wash and dry thoroughly. I put some olive oil flavored with a little salt into a large bowl and massage each leaf lightly with oil on both sides. Tear into the smaller pieces tearing off the stem and placing onto a baking sheet. I sprinkle raw sunflower seeds and some garlic or onion powder and bake at 350* for 9-12 minutes until crispy but now brown. So enjoy these!!!

Anonymous said...

gonna try this.
loved/prayers - mom t.