Saturday, August 31, 2013

...And it STILL Echoes!

Day 2 of our 4 day weekend.....Michael and Nolan worked all day....they began here....

I love this wall glad we went Asian in our Living Room
 They also hung a mirror, stained glass window, and a couple of other photos in the living room. Yes, Michael DOES fix all the nail holes each time we move.

Here is the main wall in our room...some of our favorite lighthouses. We'll have to find a couple more in CA.

I went with an onsen theme in the master bathroom....I have another photo coming which I'll hang in here too.  I also have a collage of 4 4x6 photos to hang...but I discovered one of the panes was missing it's glass and I need to return it.

A closer look...these make me smile. I'm glad Mary and Becky were so patient as I took photos.  I really like these new-fangled floating mat frames....they'll match any house we move to in the future. LOL  If any of my onsen buddies want their own onsen photo let me know which one and I'll email you the file.

 This photo inadvertently has a couple of folks in's our new family past time to search to see how many we can find. ::snort::

I handled these instructions out at one of our PWOC retreats. It makes me smile with many happy memories when I see these.

IT STILL ECHOES! We don't have a single thing to add to the room.......and it still echoes. ::snort::  The kids love to demonstrate. If you visit, be sure to ask.
As we worked we realized this is not a child proof home. Our baby is eight...but I always have lots of young moms I need to think this through. The kids told me they always keep the little ones so busy it won't be a problem. As I think back over mentor group and various ones who've visited...this is true.....hmmmm.

We will either play tomorrow or try to find a car. We really need a car. The kids and I are getting cabin fever. I know we're spoiled. I think we'll feel much more "at home" when we can begin to explore and go places during the day. There isn't a bus that comes out to our town - at least not one I've discovered. I suppose we could hitch hike. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

HI: BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful when home is accomplished! So glad you are now to a place where you can start enjoying everything and the area. PTL l/p mom t.

Renee said...

It's not easy to get by on one car in the US especially not on post. We survived for only 4 mos like that when we first entered active duty and that was because a few days a week scott would come home after PT to shower and I would drive him back to post and then pick him up at the end of the day - oh the gas we burned living 10 miles away.
Love the picture groupings. I'm guessing that curtains will cut down on the echo. I wouldn't expect Michael to do anything but patch up the nail holes when you move out - it's a standard part of military life.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Finding a CHEAP used car is tough around here -but we need a 2nd car. We live 25 min from base. Mike's office is 15 min from the main it really doesn't even work well for me to get up and drive him to work and the keep the van - which are doing once a week anyway so we can go to PWOC and get groceries.

The photos look great. I'm happy. We won't have curtains. There are no prior rods at all in the home...just blinds. We DID put up blinds in the rooms that didn't even have blinds...and a curtain on the patio door. We may put curtains in bedrooms if lights continue to be a problem. We have permission to put curtain rods in the out curtains may be in our all see how completely the light is blocked from the patio. LOL