Friday, September 13, 2013

Doing A Few Things

I've stayed on SCHEDULE with everything but blogging this week.  

It's 5:00 p.m. and I have had a quiet time, enjoyed a 3 pile walk with Stacia (not a type o), taught two children History, Lit, Science, Geography, helped two through math and one through phonics, read 40 minutes of "Fellowship of the Ring" with Zander, got one son and a husband off to a PMOC men's retreat, helped one apply for a summer internship, researched a van, had tea with three children at home, and ordered pizza in. I've NOT had a shower...but all I'm o.k. with where I'm at. The main things are done...and most days I get the shower in before 0800. 

In the past year God has truly worked into my heart lessons about doing "A Few Things Well." (Click for a good read.) Ruth says it well, 
And so, I’m choosing to live a quiet life, work (diligently) with my hands, and to strive to do a few things well. The few things that matter. The few things I’ve been given to do. The few things that count for eternity.{Snip}
I’m just picking and choosing; I’m filtering and sifting. I’m discerning and decluttering. I’m moving things up to the top, and letting others work their way down. I’m letting go of fear of missing all the excitement that’s going on out there, and attending to the mission field right here at my kitchen counter. 

We have been AMAZED  how fast AMAZON Prime arrives to our new home in CA. I discovered Subscribe and Save and have been checking prices between them and Vitacost and local stores. I can order the thing or two  I need and not have to take hours to drive to town, shop and come home. We're focused. LOL

Arielle was thrilled with Wednesday's packages

Zander races to meet the Ontrac driver each day. 

Um...glad we like the Rooibos tea - I didn't read close enough to see it was six boxes. ::snort:: These boxes have led to Stacia begging for tea time each afternoon. It's a fun habit to reinstate from decades past. 

Some strange blue eyed animal in CA? 

I realized Tuesday I need straws and clay for Science....Wed. was PWOC and Amazon guaranteed it would arrive on Thursday - it did.  Living the good life....

Stacia enjoys spending time with me. She asked to go on a walk this morning...and we added Yuuki...thus the 3 pile walk; 40 min walk. ::snort:: We spotted a 15 pass van in another part of the subdivision, complete with stick figures in the window. Stacia is sure we should take brownies to them with a note that says, "We are new to CA and have the same kind of van as you. We have nine kids. Maybe you can take a break from homeschooling and meet us at the park."  Funny thing is - I'm very tempted. ::snort:: 

I scheduled Friday for experiments, working on our science notebooks and educational games; along with our Tapestry. This worked well.

A new friend stopped by (giving the kids a most welcome break) with this helmet! It's the coolest thing. Zander is thrilled. No one will be teasing him for having a "lady's" helmet NOW....though it wasn't a lady's helmet in the first place. He LOVES it.

Glad it's Friday. Pizza's just arrived - too tired to even make any.  We're going to watch movies, eat, maybe sit in the hot tub.....not a bad first week of "doing it all."  Can you tell which page belongs to which student?

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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