Saturday, September 14, 2013

Prepared for Fall

Michael and Nolan spent the day at Lake Tahoe on the PMOC's 11th annual "Advance."

The rest of us hung out at home. Arielle worked on an application for a summer internship. The younger two played games, watched movies, created all sorts of scenarios with Legos, dinosaurs and dolls. I wrote "real emails" to friends.....responses dating back to 3 July. It was good to take the time and write "letter-like emails"  to dear friends.

We also found time to put out the fall decorations.I know it's early....but we see Halloween things up and that's our signal to go fall and Thanksgiving.  I also know we are busy during the week and have been on the weekends too - this was the window I've been watching for.

 Arielle commented that something seems wrong to have scarecrows with palm trees. She may have a point.

The rest of our things went inside. I observed our decorations, which were plentiful for our Texan home, seem dwarfed at this home. Just maybe our over-abundance of Christmas decorations will be right for this house. Then they'll go away before our things are moved again. LOL

In keeping with our commitment to live frugally, I think I will use what I have rather than buy hay bales this year. I'm thinking a box with straw glued on top and front will work fine. ::snort:: Or maybe I'll just leave it with the spartan look.

Choosing Joy!
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