Thursday, October 10, 2013

God Provides

 At a time when I've simply not been able to find the energy reserves to begin baking bread again.....
God provided through the commissary's choices last week. Many commissaries around the world were discounting dated items before the shut down. Ours didn't. Today they began giving food away that is past date or near date. Michael came home with a pallet of mostly whole grain breads: flat breads, English muffins, bagels and sour dough bread.

I figure I have another month to get the starter going and find the energy to begin baking. I'm happy.

In other news I had all my labs run on the first. The doctor called with lab results today. OK she CALLED yesterday, but when I called back the front desk put me on hold. Five minutes into that routine I realized if I hung up she would call me back when she was available and I wouldn't have to spend another 40 minutes on hold to talk to the front desk to leave her a message. ::snort::  My time counts too.  She called back this a.m.

My fear was  all the labs would be normal and I would be told this is middle age. BUT I also KNOW Hashimotos and suspected my numbers were high again. I feel best when the T4 is  1 - 1.5. When we left Japan the T4 was 2.25. Now it's 3.7.  Even conservative docs begin raising meds at 4.   I have no energy. I push for a couple of hours and then must sleep. I have trouble with short term memory. My skin is flaking. My nails have split. I've gained some weight. My hair is falling out....and so they upped my Synthroid again. Within a couple of weeks these symptoms should go away. Well.....the weight gain will stop but loss won't be automatic - everything else usually reverts like magic. ::snort::

In the past two months it was tough to embrace the perimeters of freedom which Jesus  led me to. I felt crummy. I was gaining weight. What was the point? Obedience. Freedom from addictions. I'm happy I maintained as all my other labs are great....I'm on  a good course with all but the thyroid..and if I HAD said forget it with this nutritarian lifestyle, I would be in a much worse spot in several areas.

I'm so thankful I don't have to find the energy to find wheat berries, bake and start a starter. I'll rest until I feel more energetic.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Laura said...

Glad for the blessing of bread... and sure hope you get some relief soon. Those symptoms sure sound tough. Glad you have a doctor who is attentive and working with you.