Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gherkins 2013 Gingerbread Competition

We typically decorate our home for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. This year all our family was leaving early Saturday morning and we didn't want to spend our last day together decorating.

We opted for games and visiting in the morning. This time was enhanced by the arrival of my new camera. When we bought Michael the D 610, I mentioned I wanted to get the flash fixed on the D70. The D 70 was one of the first DSLR that Nikon made (the D 40 is newer) and while we loved it - the screen is very small on the back, you can do a live shot, there is no video....and then Michael discovered it would cost the same to fix the D70 or to buy a new D3200. I was skeptical. After seeing the great photos taken with the D 610 - I wondered if the D 3200 would give better photos. Michael said it would be better than what we had but maybe not as nice as the ones his we got the D 3200 for ME....and the D70 is going to be great for the kids to learn how a SLR camera works....and for outside or beach shots. All that to say - I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA. It's RED...and it takes great photos. I can't wait to dig into the manual and learn all the nifty new features. All photos in this post are taken with my new camera.

Still engaged

Playing Joker

Push ups for those who draw the 3

Yes, I do like this camera and it does take better than the old one

Michael and the men headed to town to bring back dinner - Papa Murphy's. The women set up a laptop and the projector and talked wedding plans, ideas, dresses...via pinterest. Great fun.

We spent the evening involved in the Gherkin 2013 Gingerbread Competition. It cracked me up  most weren't very interested in assembling gingerbread villages until Arielle suggested a competition between the men and women. They were OFF....and it was great fun.

I wasn't surprised when this team started by reading the directions. He discovered the important fact that the houses are supposed to set for 3 hours before you decorate them. Um.....
The women dived in...I love that each member's ideas were used on this team

The men sent a spy over - hmmmm

Two perfectionists - what will they create?

We took a break and played Pictionary while the houses set up. The game was a tie. 

We could only wait and hour and then we began decorating.....the villages began to take shape. 

The women's entry was DARLING. It had a lake, sand, sea glass, a princess, snowmen, an OSU house and a DUCK house and snow and glitter sprinkled throughout. This village turned out charming!

The men's entry was very exact. Some suggested they lose points for non-edible fences...but the women's entry had glitter and a doll. ::snort:: They used their graham crackers to create a clock tower....which seems to have been a deciding factor in the voting. The clock tower IS cool!

Both villages are beautiful - and it was far to hard for ME to be the we posted on Facebook and let the voting begin. The Lake House garnered 15 votes and the Clock Tower finished with 22 votes. The men win this year.....I've heard rumors of some already coming up with ideas for next year. ::snort::

Next year - we'll give both teams the same building items....or maybe just set some guidelines and let them bring their own extras too....we'll see.....

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

What a clever idea the gingerbread competition is!!!

Laura said...

Love this!! :)

Anonymous said...

still say the ladies did the best. :):):):)