Monday, December 02, 2013

Wedding Shopping

It is COLD here in OR...and raining...but we couldn't stay inside and read a book.....After Krista and BreAnne got off for work the girls and I went to Ross'. We didn't find much - but a sweater and dress for Stacia. We then picked up Mom and went to lunch.

Mom and Dad were working on a project and we all had fun giving our .02 worth of advice. Bottom line....measure twice - cut once.

Krista stopped by when she got off work. We got sucked into watching a couple of episodes of Cake Boss - pretty funny.

Mom, Lori (my cousin), Arielle, Stacia, Krista, Terrah and Bre all met at David's Bridal. After our experience Sunday, I was praying we'd find just what Bre wanted, in her price range - HERE.

Bride, Maid of Honor, Bride's maid share a laugh

Grandma, Bride's Maids wait for Bride to make an appearance

It was bound to happen with a wait and all those mirrors....Krista does the chicken....Terra showed the sprinkler and shopping....Stacia demonstrated ballet.

A dress - not THE dress

She's getting married....

It's the right color - why not? Bride won't let me. ::snort:: 

Ah - so special to share this night with the girls, Mom and Lori

 She found a dress.  It's gorgeous! It was 50% off.....below her budget....and when she added the extra essentials it was right at the budget.  All the really good photos of Bre in her dream dress are sequestered in a special file on the computer so I don't accidentally post one.

It was  GOOD that Krista talked me into coming up now. As it is there are several dresses Bre looked at that wouldn't arrive before the wedding. Bre needs a size 2 and those usually need to be ordered. She tried on a size 2 but it wasn't the dream dress.  They started by saying the dress would be here 10 Feb....and we ended with  20 Jan which gives much more wiggle room for any needed alterations.

We now have a location,  a dress and nearly a photographer. We'll do some more shopping tomorrow.  Yes, I AM praising God for the timing of Bre's engagement. I'm thrilled to be in America and able to be a part of the fun.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

WOW at God's perfect timing! Such a blessing for you to be here and able to participate in person to celebrate with Bre and the rest of your family!


Anonymous said...

Awesome memories and lots of fun too! :)
Laura J.

Linda said...

Yay! Glad she found a dress! You knew living close to the girls in OR was one of the blessings of moving to CA, but now even more so!!!

Laura said...

Your photo with the simple caption, "She's getting married' is poignant and beautiful. :)

Exciting time!

Anonymous said...

it was a dream come true to get to go wedding dress shopping with a granddaughter. Hopefully with other granddaughters also. heart is full