Thursday, February 06, 2014

Shrugs, Candy, Books, Sweats and Ice Cream

We have been BUSY - and I think we are going to get another two full weeks of our core curriculum done before tomorrow is over. 

I ordered three shrugs in various colors and had them sent to Krista's. I still cannot find nude shoes around here....maybe tomorrow. We still need to go find a barber or something too. 

Today is gloriously rainy. 

I began the tedious job of bagging and tying all the wedding candies...and Arielle came down and RESCUED me. It's much more fun with a partner. 

Sometime in the midst of school and such I realized we have TWO birthdays coming up - SOON. As in Saturday and Tuesday. YIKES.

It only took six months for me to adapt to America. I headed to walmart in my SWEATS with my tie dyed Sweat Shirt, no make up, hair up in a clip and crocs. ::snort:: Arielle said I would fit in and not to worry about it. I didn't find the birthday gifts I wanted - but I did get the ingredients for an ice cream cake, I also got more ribbon and plastic bags.

Arielle took over making the ice cream cake! I got busy making dinner. Now? Since Michael won't be home until late, and we're all tired from studying so hard.....we're going to go relax in the backyard onsen. The perfect way to enjoy a rainy night.

Choosing Joy!
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