Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two Days and a Wake Up!

Two Days and a wake-up until "The Wedding." 

Krista left early for work. BreAnne left a bit later for a slew of errands she and Izaak had on the agenda. 

We headed out to get haircuts for the boys and buy a tie for Michael. We headed, next, to Gateway Mall. We had just enough time (an hour) for the girls and I to check Claire's for hair accessories and Payless Shoes for nude heels. We scored - Claire's gives a 20% military discount AND they were having sales. Payless Shoes had some nude wedge SHOES (no heels) and I bought them - and a little bag. 

The dresses have arrived. The one I'm going to wear is a bit big - but we're going to pin it. I like the color best...and BreAnne says it looks more formal than the other options. Three shrugs also arrived...so I am set for Christmas and Valentines for a few years. ::snort:: 

Chuck E Cheese - a place we usually avoid - was a good place to have another birthday lunch for these two boys....

This time my parents, Lorri (Cousin) and Izaak and BreAnne joined us. 
Michael and the boys headed to a meeting with Pastor Kirk (who will be sharing officiating responsibilities at The Wedding), and to meet Izaak and Bre to build a frame for decorating for The Wedding.)

The girls and I headed back to the house. We knew that Krista would soon be off work AND that Sherri (Sister in law) would be off work.  Sherri had Harmony for the afternoon and Stacia and Harmony wanted some play time. We were thrilled it all worked out.

The girls played and made cookies (Sherri makes some great cookies)....Arielle, Krista and I headed to the grocery store. We've decided to have a brunch Friday morning when all the kids are here and needed to pick up a few items.

Tuesday is "Girl's Night" around BreAnne and Krista's. This was the "last girl's night" - but things go away from us all.

It took those making the frame a bit longer than expected...but had dinner simmering....everyone walked in at the same time.....Izaak and Bre, Michael and the boys, Will and Sherri dropped by - so we all ate. Semper Gumby - keeping the plans fluid and flexible.  Krista and Arielle created seating arrangements and we had a hasty bite to eat...


 Leila (the dog) WAS lying across Nolan and Dakota but moved as I snapped

Finally, at about 9 p.m. we headed out to Starbucks...but Starbucks was closed. Most spots in Springfield seemed closed. We ended up at McDonald's. It was fun to have a bit of girl time.....tomorrow is going to be crazy busy...last I checked there are five appointments on the schedule.....

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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