Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Zander is Twelve!

WOW. Zander is 12 today. He is our Olympic Baby. The kids watched the winter olympics while Michael and I were at the hospital welcoming him into the world.

We are amazed at the changes in this young man in the past few years. Nine years ago Zander didn't interact with us (unless it was on his terms and that was very seldom), he seemed to always be on sensory overload (crowds, Sam's Club etc), meltdowns were the norm of our days and he often would spin, rock and hit his head on things.  We've been on a journey and we've had to learn to relax, let him set the pace of the journey and trust God with this unique young one.

I'll have to look on the external hard drive for a photos of him when we arrived in Japan. He seemed to change the most during that assignment.

Here he is one year into the assignment in 2010. 
Zander - right side - back  -  Feb 2010

We seem to travel on the boys' birthdays. Here Zander is last year on the ferry to Miyajima!

And since then? He's grown about 6 inches - maybe a foot. His voice is changing. He's getting a bit of a mustache. Yep, physically he's changing.

Zander is learning how to interact more with others all the time. He puts up with humor and even enjoys some of it these days. He can handle more noise and stimulation - he's developed some coping techniques. We give him lots of down time - alone time - to recharge.  He no longer rocks, spins or yells at chapel choirs to quit making noise.....he does from time to time lean over the pew in front of him or hold his hands over his ears....but hey - it's progress.

Zander has become a giver - I have learned to suggest he decide BEFORE chapel how much is going in the plate, rather than emptying his wallet.

He is great with young boys.

Yesterday in Springfield
His big accomplishment of this year is finally breaking the reading code! We are so proud of him. We had all hoped 10 would be the year for proficiency in reading and we were happy at his progress last year...but in his 11th year he DID IT. He began with Calvin and Hobbes, moved on to Hobbit, then Fellowship of the Ring, and is now reading The Two Towers. He has unlocked the code.

Zander has an incredible memory. He can quote whole movies after watching them once. Due to some quirky filters this means we really need to watch what he hears...and we need to help him learn which lines may be inappropriate in various situations. Bugs Bunny can pound his heart and whistle when he sees a pretty woman - real men don't.

Zander looks at the world in a delightfully quirky way - we are all enriched by his perspective.

We love you, Son! We are blessed to be your parents.

Yes, Zander is really Alexander....and he has transitioned to being Alex to most everyone but Mom and Krista. Since I write the blog....he is often Zander on the blog. I try to remember to honor his desires and so most often in person he is Alex. ::grin:: 

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

I have been looking at pictures of Alex all through the years on your blog every single week. Yet, I would NOT have recognized that as him in the bottom picture if you hadn't said it was him. In fact, I had to go back and reread to make sure I understood correctly. Wow!