Friday, March 21, 2014

Fun Times with Friends

Tonight was a nice ending to a very busy week.  There are few joys as sweet as relaxing with friends. The C family moved here in February. This is their first military assignment. Brenner is a chaplain. Their kids love our kids.  We've been looking for a chance to visit their new home and tonight was the opportunity. 

I KNEW the "golden" (dead) hills of CA would be beautiful when they "greened up." 

Cole was excited to have the kids visit HIS home. He's been to our home a couple of times and played with our toys. He was the perfect little host - showing the kids all his favorite things and willingly sharing.

One thing Cole wanted us to do was go down to the Pond. Stacia, Elise and Clara rode down....

The rest of us can see their home to the right of picture

Watching Stephanie with the girls at dinner and Brenner playing with them after dinner brought back memories of the season when ours were all young. 

Elise enjoys flying....

Clara needed a turn.... 

Pure joy

We enjoyed the bonus of meeting Stephanie's mother as well. This was a great transition into the weekend.....

Choosing Joy!
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