Friday, March 07, 2014


We were all so happy today was Friday. Another two weeks of Tapestry done this week. We'll soon be caught up with where we "should" be and can go back to a saner pace.

The house continues to feel insanely quiet with Nolan and Michael away.

I HAD to see people we headed for town. Strangers are fine in a pinch. ::snort::  Our first stop with the Yuba County Library.  People keep telling us there is "Nothing in Yuba City," and "Nothing in Marysville," but we found several things today of interest to us in Mville.   We've previously  found Brock's in Yuba City. They make a mean frozen banana - which several of us opt for over dairy.

Today we discovered frozen yogurt in Marysville. They have sorbet. The kids are all for adding this stop to our Friday routine.

Yep - just like San Antonio....Friendly customer service....a GREAT military discount....$2.00 off PER ID card....Mine and Arielle's were .29 each. ::snort::  It was no surprise when Zander won the prize for the most expensive bowl of frozen yogurt....more toppings than frozen product. LOL 
The only problem with the place is its name...I just don't know. Arielle said we can call it whatever we want to call it.....but hearing my eight year old saying, "I love......." is just not right.

We also went by Walmart which is always good for social interaction. We met two Seasoned Citizen friends who were chasing each other on scooters. We thought it looked like great fun. I think I talked a civilian spouse and her daughter into at least visiting Saesabo, Japan where her husband works. We made an optometry appointment.  The kids talked with a giant cookie. Stacia seriously informed me, "It's really a person you can see skin if you look carefully." ::snort::

We ran by Papa Murphys and came home to veg out. Our men like the Big Murphy, but as only one of them are here, we compromised by purchasing  the smallest size we could....I thought he could eat the veggie with us. I think his goal is to finish this before the others return. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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