Saturday, June 07, 2014

Prep Day

VBS prep - more paws, another coat of glow in the dark paint stars, looking over script for our station...

Sermon Prep - been a busy week so most of the hours were put in (and will be put in) today. 

Service Prep - got together the PWOC promo for the ladies tomorrow.  It's pretty sad when THIS is the best photo the girls grabbed of me. ::snort:: I'm sporting what I've come to call my "California Dress." I know why they all wear them now.  Yes, I DO have a floppy hat too. 

AND  - today - is  the day we are celebrating Arielle's 17th birthday here at home with dinner of her choice, gifts and cake of her choice.  There can be NO other reason that I would heat up the oven to 375* on a day when the temps are topping 100*.  I had hoped she'd want to eat out. We will take them to their favorite restaurant - but she HAD chosen Cafe Yumm before - maybe that impacted her choice.  Regardless, she sort of made my day when she requested Vegetable Pot Pie....and then I thought I'd need to go buy some chicken to make Chicken Pot Pie for the boys but Nolan said, "No, it's o.k. we all like the Vegetable." So...not happy to have something in the oven for an hour on such a warm day - but thrilled they like something healthy. ::snort::

I made Stacia's day by making Renee's Lemonade for dinner, too.
Did I say it was warm? Turned on the AC at 3:00 when the temps inside passed 80*

The idea of Watermelon Frosteies keep these two happily scooping out a "not quite perfect" melon. The melon I bought at Trader Joe's has been declared the best of the season to this point. I guess something good will come out of driving to the dentist in Roseville this week. LOL 

I'll write more about Arielle's celebration later on tonight.

Choosing Joy!
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