Sunday, August 10, 2014

Medical Update - De'Etta

Test results are back and I do not have thyroid cancer. 

I do have an enlarged thyroid with nodule - which is typical for my condition.  It seems it is located such that it may begin to interfere with my windpipe and ability to swallow. We'll watch each year...and I'll continue to think twice when I really need to swallow. LOL 

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Yvonne said...

So glad all is well!

Linda said...

My thyroid condition was found because of nodules, one bigger one that has slowly increased in size until I was able to regulate with meds. My numbers were never extremely off, but the nodule stopped growing when I felt better. So... go figure. Anyway, I recently read and saved this page to try. Just passing it on to you. I haven't tried it yet.

Anonymous said...

PTL for a good report. HUMMMM let me see....... trouble swallowing :):):) that is this older nomn's problem. :):):) for sure I think twice before I swallow and Dad teases me a lot about this. ::):) So Glad God has His hand on you and that you dodged a bullet. Praying always for you and yours. l/p Mom t.

Babylon said...
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