Monday, August 11, 2014

Must Be Monday

Monday's plans shifted drastically when MY COMPUTER DIED!

I spent Monday trying to deal with the death of my laptop. I finally got it back on Friday (15 Aug). I have all my data back. I do not have all my Outlook files. If I owe you an email the best bet is resending your email to me. I don't have a copy of the email and most likely don't have your email address either. ::sigh::

This was to be the week I finished all my computer projects for the Fall Rally....videos, handbooks...all had to wait.  Semper Gumby.

Monday was also the day we took Arielle to the doctor. I have NO IDEA how she managed to talk the doctor into waiting a week to see if she improved.  She did. She was told to eat a very bland diet, drink ensure and try to gain weight.

I'd promised the girls to make Veggie Pot Pie for dinner...but it didn't seem right. They insisted. I complied. Zander is on kitchen duty this week so he offered to help with crusts.

As I couldn't work on computer Rally stuff - we began working on decorations....

Krista is known for coming up with the most fun and CHAOTIC games. This one is Doctor Doctor. The idea seems to be to twist yourselves in such a way that the Doctor cannot untangle you.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

:):):):):) Doctor- Doctor. :):)
:):):) wonder what put the words Doctor into her mind these days.

Love it Krista and she has so many good ideas about a lot of stuff.

G'Ma T,