Friday, October 24, 2014

FRIDAY - School and Tea

We work to have Friday's be a "light" school day - often a finish up day. However, with the exercise, MTOC, PWOC, an "interview" for Arielle, hair-cuts,  and other family events this week - we needed Friday to be a full day of school. The kids KNEW this.

I got out of the shower ready to tackle the day and saw this......what could it be?
School always goes better in a fort

I picked up some Tazo Decaf Chai tea SOMEWHERE around here. I was sure it was local. I have looked all over and cannot find it again. I finally realized it would be much quicker to simply order a box at Amazon.  Ah - surprised by "one click" again. ::snort:: I checked the photo carefully - didn't catch the price or I would have suspected that I was going to receive more than one box. I'm well stocked for the fall/winter.....and will take some to PWOC. My search is over.

Choosing Joy!
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