Friday, October 24, 2014

Ladies Night Out

Yes, Fridays are made for pizza and games at our house...but THIS Friday was Ladies Night Out.  This was planned as a joint event between MTOC and PWOC. 

It really was sad many who RSVP'd were unable to make it....sad for us and for the waiter who had come in just to wait on our table. He was fantastic! We were outside on the patio and it was perfect. The heaters kept us warm, we were secluded and  able to talk and laugh without others hearing, and we escaped the NOISE and chaos that seems to characterize PF Changs on a Friday night. LOL 
Maria checks to see if we need to wait for any others
Happy to have Steph's mom, Candy,  join us tonight! It makes me sad to think of Steph moving in December...but HAWAII! WOW.

Candy and Desiree

Cynthia, Hope, Maria, Me
 Tonight was Hope's birthday -  it was a fun to celebrate with her. Our waiter  sang to her in Chinese. ::grin::
I DID miss Friday at home.....but it WAS really nice to spend a couple of hours with friends, laughing and deepening our relationships.

Choosing Joy!
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