Saturday, January 03, 2015

Tenth Day of Christmas - Enough

I determined when we moved from Japan not to wish away the present for a past or a future. In other words, I would live fully in the present....and it would be enough. I would not always wish we were "in Japan," or "in OR," or "in TX," or back in the "good ole days when all the kids were home."  I would also be careful not to let social media, Internet surfing etc rob me of face to face time with my real life people.   I decided the present is enough.  When others remind me something IS missing, I've been quick to remind myself or say out loud, "This is enough. I'm choosing joy. I'm content."  Part of this "enough" has also been learning  I am enough. I can never please everyone. I can never do all I would like to do. I can only do what Holy Spirit leads me to do - and that's enough.

Stick with me....Christmas Day when our household was six  plus Krista - it was enough. Christmas Evening when BreZaak and my folks arrived - it was enough. Yes, I desperately wished the boys could be with us - but God had provided enough - all that I needed.

Monday, 29 Dec the Gherkins surprised me BIG TIME when the boys drove up. Michael was missing. Others we love were missing - but still it was enough. I was over the moon content.

Michael arrived back home on Wednesday 31 Dec and for three glorious days we had all nine Gherkins, a beloved son in law and my parents in one spot. Time stood still. The house was FULL and noisy and busy and jumping -  I loved it all. It was so, so much more than enough.

However, it seems time didn't REALLY stand still and at 0530 our home got busy this a.m.

One by one the boys, Krista, and various family members staggered into the living room.

We suddenly remembered Zander had asked us to wake him up before everyone left so we had to wake him up....
 Krista and the boys planned an 0600 start.
Brr - a cold CA morning 

These three discovered the heating vent by our trailer was a warm spot to be!
They loaded up and just like that our household of 14 was down to 10.

We came back inside and Michael and the kids went back to bed. I sat in the hot tub and decided it was enough. The visit was enough. Having our four guests still under the roof was enough.

I showered and made cinnamon rolls. I had promised Bre I'd make her some when she missed out on them on Christmas Day. Mom and I discussed missions.

 Bre came inside and another round of farewells began...

Yuuki thought she'd go with Izaak
 Just like that we are down to a household of six!

It is still enough. All that God provides is more than enough, if I choose to live fully in the present, to choose joy, to be content - it's enough.

I began to think of the big goodbyes which will be required to be full-time missionaries...and I wondered why we would pursue such a lifestyle... I suppose all the talking and planning of giving away things brought our choices to the forefront of my mind.

I did what I always do on farewell days - I cleaned.  There wasn't a lot to clean as Mom and Bre are great cleaners.....but I went through a few desk drawers and a junk drawer.

Michael is at work - catching up on some things that need to be done before surgery on the 7th.

The kids played games.

I made yakisoba for the kids.

Choosing Joy!
©2015 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Anonymous said...

Agreed! Thanks for the wonderful visit! I will treasure the memories: ) and thank you for voicing this as I also have to remind myself to live in the present and be grateful for now. I read in a book once, "don't put off happiness" until such and such happens bc there's always something more to have if you can't be content. Anyways. ..didn't mean to leave such a long comment ;p
Bre D