Saturday, March 14, 2015

Get Air - Spring Break - Day 7

Saturday morning Harmony was at Will and Sherri's so we organized some cousin time. What do you do when it's wet and gray in Oregon? You go to Get Air. Get Air is an indoor trampoline park. It was fantastic. The floors are covered with recessed trampolines, the walls are covered with trampolines and you can bounce to your heart's content for an hour - or more.  They even give a military discount. I forgot my real camera and had to settle for the phone camera - which didn't do a great job. We'll go back on another trip.
Sherri, Harmony, the kids, Krista, Mom and I made this trip.....if I lived here I'd be tempted to make this part of a workout regimen.
Out of focus - but gives you a sense of the room
Walking a tight rope over a trampoline
One of the favorites was a platform one stood on and jumped off of into a pit of foam squares. Nolan reported he couldn't touch the bottom. It was fun to watch them jump in and struggle back to the side of the pit. 
Trampoline basketball
This is a dodge ball room 

 Sherri took Zander and Stacia with her when our time was up so they could have more fun with Harmony.

The rest of us toured one of the duplex styles that Arielle and Krista may be moving into, and then headed back to hotel and home to rest up a bit and get ready for the evening.


Anonymous said...

Sis: what a fun place. Loved seeing the kids having such a good time. see you later.....

berrypatch said...

I took my boys to the one in Maine a few weeks ago and we're going back this week with a large group of homeschoolers. :-)