Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad - Spring Break

The kids and I made plans to travel to Oregon to surprise Dad on his birthday back in early February. It worked out well for us that College Preview was the same weekend in the same town. LOL  Tonight, we headed to Roaring Rapids Pizza to meet up with Will (Brother) and Sherri, their son Drew, and their granddaughter Harmony. Bre was back in town and it was fun to see her and Izaak as well. Krista, our four at home kids, myself, and Nate (Brother) and Heather's two children - Mikhail and Nadia joined us too.  My parents and Lorri (cousin) came a bit later in the evening so we could "surprise" Dad. 
Stacia and Harmony on the Old Carousel

Zander prefers Pac Man

Dad and Sherri

Me, Dad and Will (brother)

Dad, Harmony and Will - 3 Generations
Dad and our present Kids - Stacia, Zander, Arielle, Nolan, Krista and Bre
 This is a fun shot! Dad with nine of his fourteen grandkids 
Nadia and Mikhael on left - Drew behind Krista

Mom and Dad

Arielle and Lorri
 We hadn't seen Bre all weekend - she was away at a Pastor's and Ministry Wives retreat.  The kids and I headed over to BreZaaks apartment to play Scene It.  It was a fun time to chill as a family.

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