Thursday, March 12, 2015


We left California bright and early. I drove six of the hours. Arielle drove the final two hours. It took us nine hours.  The roads were great - other than the two semis that zipped in front of me without signaling...yes, I did honk. 
Note I left the seat in Michael's laid back position
 We stopped at a couple of rest areas but didn't really STOP until Yreka -  the halfway mark. The kids wanted breakfast at Black Bear Diners. We've noted we like the one in Yreka better than the one in Redding.

No photos - but we checked into our hotel. So happy to have one room free.  We went over and surprised Grandpa.

When Krista got off work she joined us. She was scheduled to work at a health fair at her place of employment, one of the local middle schools.  The school just happens to be the same public school where I went to 7-9th grade. Lots more bars but all else looks the same.  Stacia dutifully went from station to station getting her passport stamped. Here we learn that the food industry uses yellow, red and orange in their advertising because these colors make you hungry. LOL

Krista was assigned with safety and crowd control for the fire dancing. Believe it or not, we were informed this is good for your health. ::snort:: We got the sense they are used to preforming in much less clothing.
This man burned his arm and singed his hair...
This man caught his pants on fire -!  The photos of his pants on fire had to be deleted - unfortunately he is into gangsta style and it showed much of his body I don't want to remember!
This performer is one of the science teachers at the school
We were totally wiped out and came home to sleep after the health and wellness fair. 

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