Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Break - Road Trip

I suppose it's endearing, but it's starting to freak me out. Michael has taught Nolan how to change a tire, the chains and tools are in the van, the oil is changed.....and if we don't hit a "spring snow storm," we'll be fine.  Long time friends KNOW my record with passes and snow...and so I'm praying for nice weather...and no flights off  mountain tops. Seriously.

Nolan has been instructed that of the three adults going on this trip (Arielle, himself and me) HE is the one that stays awake. The significance being  WE are the drivers. He's riding shot gun and is tasked with talking - a lot.

Shoot! What could happen on a road trip???? ::sigh::

Bags are packed. We had enough hotel points  to get one hotel room free and we'll pay for the other - not the hotel we wanted to stay at....but on the other hand not the cheapest hotel either. I found one at 1/2 this price on West 6th and Michael said, "No."

The kids and I are heading to Oregon. Shhhhh....we may be surprising my Dad....but Mom knows we're coming....

For those unaware, the last really big road trip I took, without Michael, included a 9. earthquake, a tsunami,  communication black out from the family, and 8 days trying to hop a ride home. 

The chances of repeating that are VERY slim...and this time I have all the Gherkins with ME.....maybe that's why Michael is making sure I have tools, water, food, sleeping bag.... maybe it's why Stacia keeps asking, "Why can't we take the train?"

Arielle and I are confident. Krista does this alone - we've got it. It's time to do this thing -  get out there and have adventures. ::ye haw::


Renee said...

You can do it. Back in 2003, I drove from NY to GA (alone with the five kids -- none of them drivers). You are way more adventuresome than me

Janette said...

I will have driven the entire width of the US and back by the beginning of the summer! Having side kicks helps with the entertainment. Our key is to get out and stretch every 100 miles and gas up every 200 (or less)- no matter what! It takes a bit longer- but we are happier in the end.
Praying for no adverse conditions for you this trip!

Anonymous said...

ALRIGHT! looking forward to your short visit. looking forward to seeing the kids.

thurs night we will be at a bible study with me leading this week. suppose you will be happy to get settled in your hotel etc. call if you want.

Fri-- dad has a 1:30 eye doctor appointment near valley river. Otherwise free all day.

OH, 5:30 mornings the swim pool. :):):)

praying for you all as you drive.

love/prayers - mom
Dad will be excited to know you are here whether it is by phone or sight.,

Sat nothing to do.