Wednesday, May 20, 2015

La Posada, Winslow AZ

We definitely received mixed and conflicting messages about this stop. On  the one hand this is a "roadside attraction" and listed in tour literature as such. An attraction is meant to draw folks to come and see....on the other hand signs were posted, "No Trespassing, Private Property, No Loitering." 

What were we to do? Loitering is to sit or stand idly in a place. We decided to walk with great determination and swagger. We belonged.

I love to see old buildings restored. La Posada was known as the plushest hotel along the rail road route. When the trains stopped bringing wealthy passengers the hotel fell into disrepair. It is now restored and fully operational.

Here are a few shots.

For more details read the sign above - but the Army tried camel travel through here

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Laura said...

I love interesting little stops. And I laughed out loud imagining you all walking 'with great determination and swagger'! :D