Friday, May 01, 2015

The Happiest Place on Earth

Somehow I missed the fact that we were going on a trip to Crescent City until about 16 hours before we got in the trailer and headed up the highway. ::snort::  Michael's unexpected preaching last week - resulted in the possibility of a CTO on Friday - a 3 day weekend.  We don't often miss chapel - even when not preaching - but it was time to have a bit of family time to regroup.  And so here we are ensconced in what we know to be, "The Happiest Place on Earth." ::wink::  (Whole lot cheaper than that other counterfeit too. )
Grandma Mary's Backyard
We spent the a.m. walking around the campground where we plan to spend a bit of time after retirement. We decided to move from where we were to a new spot to give it a good try for a few days. We have a duck pond behind us, a fire pit, wifi and we're enjoying meeting others who live here year round. In fact, I met a young gal and her two boys and I think I am going to have great fun getting to know her more when we move up here.

We packed a picnic lunch and headed over to spend the day with Grandma Mary. The weather was beautiful - perfect for sitting on the patio and catching up.

Yuukie proved her loyalty to the kids, when Nina raced up on Alex - growling.  She jumped in between Nina and Alex - complete with her raised fur and  beagle growls.  Within a few sniffs Nina seemed to remember Alex and was encouraging trips to the river.
We brought the kayak up and the kids were eager to give it a try. I was eager to grab some photos. Michael was eager to have them carry the row boat down the bank.....they had let Stacia sit in the kayak grounded in the sand. I figured she could learn how to zip around in it while they brought the row boat down......but first a photo of her river hairdo for the day. We're going to miss Arielle.

I showed her how to use the paddle and how to balance - not that I've EVER used a kayak before. ::snort:: She did great. I pushed her out and she came back to me several times.  She was doing great. We were both fairly proud of our accomplishment when we heard the kids coming back down the bank. Then she got a bit unbalanced. I was laughing so hard I couldn't yell any possibly helpful hints - but I did take photos.
There she Goes! 
 While Stacia happily paddled around the river, I threw sticks, driftwood and logs for Nina and Arrow - our river dogs. ::snort::  We weren't able to see their owners today - but these two are always welcoming.

Eventually, Michael came down and played with the dogs a bit too.

He and I went out in the row boat - its always fun to see how various swim holes, beaches and such are changing each season.  Arielle hitched a ride with Stacia - doesn't she look thrilled about it? I took this as a sign the kids were comfortable with Stacia's ability.

Michael instigated a ginormous water fight
Went after the kids on shore too
Alex switched out with Nolan...
Um - preparing to send their brother as a live missile into the battle.

Stacia paddled out to Michael to talk....
She requested, and received,  lessons on how to splash with the paddles.
She informs me that Arielle is heavy! LOL

We took the kids back to the campground to clean up and change out of their suits. We picked up Mom G and headed to Crescent City for dinner and a movie.  We all enjoyed dinner at The Good Harvest café. Mom G and I were a bit confused with the movie plot, but it certainly kept our attention even from 8:00 - 10:20 p.m. Yes, we did take the kids to see Avengers  - no lines at all in Crescent City.
It was a practically perfect day. 

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What a wonderful post about a glorious day!