Saturday, May 02, 2015

Yuuki Does the Smith River

And while all the other dogs chased sticks, swam in the river and retrieved rocks....Yuuki explored the river in her own unique style.

She enjoyed the river - from her perch as navigator
SHE was in Beagle Heaven with all the new things to sniff
She even did the kayak

All the exploring wore her out

We had a scare this evening. She HAD been sleeping IN the van. We got back to our campsite, began preparing dinner, and realized she wasn't under foot. She wasn't in the van or running around the campground.  Arielle and Nolan drove back to Mom Mary's. She had come up from the river and discovered us gone. She sat on the porch and howled - Beagles' reputation for separation anxiety is real y'all! Mom Mary let her in and she sat by the door and waited for us to come back.

Arielle has been debating if she will take Yuuki with her to college or if Yuuki will get to live with us in the trailer. We got her to BE a trailer dog....Michael and I planned for her to be our retirement dog....but Arielle said her anxiety was pretty high thinking she'd lost her puppy....we told her maybe that's the answer she needs and Yuuki should do college next. LOL  She's already done the international flight scene twice.

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