Monday, July 06, 2015

Stacia on Aging Siblings and Friends

Stacia entertained me with some profound thoughts today:

"Mom, when I'm 20 Bre will be 40."


"When I'm 60, Bre will be 80!"


"Mom, pretty much all the Gherkins out of the house are going to die before I get very old."

"Maybe, but not necessarily."

"It's a good thing you had Zander."


"He's a pleasant age."


"I want to live down the street from you and Dad when you are done traveling and all the older Gherkins are dead." appears Michael and I will outlive all the Gherkins - except for Stacia and Zander.

She also shared this thought, "Moms shouldn't bully kids to make sure their kid always get their way. Their kids will never learn how to be good friends."

Yes, this led to a great conversation on what makes a good friend. And they say homeschoolers will be unsocialized......I think she's got a handle on this.

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