Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas morning got off to a nice, leisurely start for most of the family here in Eugene, OR. I wake up early - REGARDLESS of what time I go to bed or where we are.  I got up, spent some sweet time in prayer, study and writing and then made cinnamon rolls. I'm still not quite sure HOW that tradition started, but the Gherkins all assure me it IS a long-standing tradition they would miss.
 After a bit, BreZaak came over. We actually READ the Christmas Morning Advent reading in Ishtar's Odyssey - ON SCHEDULE!!!! AND we opened Christmas stockings. We are keeping to our 7 year tradition of saving our family gift exchange for a day other than 25 Dec. 

Knife Sharpener

 This year we have lots of family to join in celebration. We went to my parents and enjoyed a great dinner. 
Mikhail and Nolan plot Battleship

Arielle, Krista & Elizabeth 

Mom and Dad exchanged gifts with all. Mikhail and Elizabeth (Nate and Heather's children) received their presents from all their family far from here. It was fun to celebrate with them.

I'm not sure how it happened but a huge paper fight began....Grandma and all the kids.
 I wasn't going to show any of the "odd" photos. I noticed, however, this family thrives on odd - and the oddity is truly the best part. Here are a few glimpses.

I'm sure I had nothing to do with Sherri's expression

We have moved over to Will and Sherri's to house-sit while they all go to visit AMY in AZ. 

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