Saturday, December 26, 2015

Jamin's Arrival and Jared's Surprise!

Jamin arrived at the airport EARLY today. So early the girls hadn't made it and we spotted him in the parking lot as we pulled through the gate!

A quick phone call diverted the girls to Mom and Dad's. We went over so they could visit with Jamin - and we shared leftovers for lunch.

We had great fun visiting and playing with Gracie and Layla back at the house. Unfortunately, Gracie is paying for her play time. Poor thing.

 The girls have decided to come spend the nights over here with the rest of us. We picked up some Papa Murphy's and settled down for the evening. Bre was able to join us.....

TOMORROW - Josiah was due to arrive. The SURPRISE is that Jared was flying in to SEA today and would be with him when he arrived. No one took tornadoes into account when these plans were made....truly a big surprise.
From Dallas
 Jared is still in Dallas. He's been told there will be no flights out until Monday. He's still waiting to see a rep and hear his options. Maybe he'll be able to fly to Portland or out of another TX town.....or maybe he won't be able to make the trip home and they'll refund his ticket.

I'm up late waiting to be sure he's settled with a plan tonight....poor's 2 a.m. for him.....been a long day and it's not over. 

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