Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Family Rocks

We had only one thing we had to do today - Jared and I spent the early hours waiting for Fed Ex to bring his luggage. He's happy to have his clothes back. They did sit it in water and most needed to be washed and dried - but it found him!

Nothing more on the day's agenda led to a day of games - RISK (Arielle repeatedly wins), laundry, grocery shopping for the next couple of days and cooking and such. 
Jamin, Nolan, Alex, Arielle
 Michael encourages the "kids"this evening.... our only expectation is for  you to be able to  look yourself in the mirror and know you've done your best.....progress, obedience...not perfection. 

What could make her THIS happy? 

She has finished reading, The Two Towers. The rule has always been they can watch the movies when they've read the books....tonight.....we watch The Two Towers.
Alex, Jared, Josiah, Jamin, Krista, Arielle, Stacia, Michael, Nolan 

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