Monday, December 28, 2015

Gherkins Visit a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Krista and Arielle gifted us with a family outing this year. Krista bought us all tickets to Star Wars - The Force Awakens, and Arielle bought us treats!  It was  a great outing, resulting in fun memories. 

All loaded into the van - they fit better when they were at home LOL 

We met up with Izaak, Bre and Dakota at the theater

Even Gma and Gpa joined the fun!
 I recently realized I prefer movies much better if I sit in the very last row. Michael likes sitting near the middle/front.....and when I discovered I really liked the back - we discovered we're about evenly split on where we like to sit. I suspect this is another quirk left-over from Mindanao. In a restaurant my back must be to the wall so I can see all exits, in a theater I really like the back row with the exit. ::snort::

All that to say - WE SPLIT UP! This group sat right behind the wheel-chair seating. 

This group and me sat on the very last row.....

Regardless of the spot in the theater (and it filled up around us) - we all agreed - this is an AWESOME movie! We're eagerly waiting  the next one....and I won't say much more - though I really, really could. LOL

Thanks again, Krista and Arielle.

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berrypatch said...

I live with Star Wars fans so I have seen the movies multiple times! I am pretty sure this is my favorite one. I even took my youngest son to see it again yesterday for his birthday - just the two of us. I liked it even more the second time. :-)